Kate Lanagan MacGregor has lightbulb momentI had an “aha” moment the other day.


I was asking my daughter what she wanted to

be when she grew up.

I want to be a REALTOR, like you.”, she replied.


“Oh, that’s not a real job!” I exclaimed!


She looked at me kind of funny, and then said, “Why not?

You have provided us with a great life.

We are able to go to private school, go on trips,

and have our farm.

You have lots of people everywhere always thanking

you for helping them or their parents with their problems.

You have been at almost all of our games, and you are

able to pick me up when I need to be picked up at school.

Why isn’t that a great job? You get to see beautiful houses,

have an iPad for work, and can do your job from almost anywhere?”


She stopped me dead in my tracks… This is why I love my career.

Like most people, it was not my first career. Because of all of these

reasons, it will very likely be my last!


Where else do you have empowerment to create your ‘wellth’ just

as you want it? (Definition of wellth: wellness, health and wealth!)

Yes, you must work hard and smart, but you will succeed if you do your

next right thing! Over and Over!


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Above all, enjoy your career and Make it a BOLD day!

Kate Lanagan MacGregor, BOLD Moves Real EstateKate Lanagan MacGregor

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