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5 Lessons Learned from the Way ‘Back’

kate lanagan macgregorToday is the 3rd Anniversary of the car accident that broke my back.  3 years ago, an elderly man blew through a stop sign and struck my jeep, making it roll several times and ejecting me from the roof.

I want to share the great lessons I have learned, as well as the hard ones. The insurance is finally wrapping up, and it’s time to put this behind me. As a good friend says, trying to drive forward looking through the rear view mirror causes you to crash! No more crashes!

1- People want to be good, and do good.  The response for help was overwhelming. The people who signed up for my Meal Train were amazing! My kids would sit at the door at 5, waiting for the meals to arrive. People put so much care into it. I also had people drive me to the other side of the state for meetings!

2- We are not in control of our destiny. I could not predict or stop that man from driving into me. I believe in a higher power, and events like this let me know that we are not alone or in charge! So, my takeaway? Live each moment, each day to the fullest. Make sure the people you love know it. SHOW them!

3- Some things take time. I am impatient. Antsy. Driven. It is hard to realize that sometimes we just have to take our time, and honor how long things can take. I now believe things happen in God’s time. Not mine!

4- Hanging on to anger hurts me. Not them. I was so angry at the man who hit me. While I was sitting on the ground unable to move, all he wanted to do was get out of there. He did not care that I was hurt, never asked how I was, and definitely  never offered an apology.  His insurance company (COMMERCE) was equally frustrating. The settlement left me with medical liens to be paid off, and a pitiful offer.

5- Moving forward means not looking back. Be broken or whole- the choice is mine. The reason I settled with that insurance offer is because I do not want to feel ‘broken’ anymore. Mentally, I have been carrying a burden I want to let go of! So, goodbye broken back! My new ‘whole’ is different than I was before, but that’s ok. Today I periscope ‘stretch and strengthening’ at 6 am so that I make myself do it every weekday. It’s my new normal. I cannot snowboard, snow mobile, run hard, horseback ride, or sit in cars for a very long time. I recently said to someone who looked at me like I was this middle aged woman,”I used to be fierce”.  Our workouts now are called #beawesome workouts. Join us on periscope! Everyone can be their own awesome. It’s because I want to be the best I can, and I want to inspire others to do the same. I will cherish those ‘fierce’ memories, and be grateful I can move as I can.

I believe we all have a burden that we carry. I am hoping that I can ‘see’ your burden and honor and help you with yours. Life is so precious, and I believe that the positive lessons and outcomes from my accident far outweigh my loss. I LOVE life! I appreciate it so much more.

Live Life With Me! Make your life the best it can be. Maybe you won’t need to break your back to realize how very wonderful our gifts are! So, Happy Anniversary and goodbye. Time to live my ‘whole’ life!

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