Congratulations on experiencing the heat of the market!
When this happens, the first thing to leave our schedule are our work habits.
In order to have a sustainable, successful business, you need to keep your habits and stay focused.
Here is the 2013 version of the Daily Dozen.
1.  Before you go to bed at night, review the day’s notes. (30 minutes)
          What are your accomplishments?
         What has not been done that needs to be carried forward and fit into your schedule?
2. Plan schedule for next day. Is your day tomorrow scheduled tight? Can you fill in a few blocks of time?
(Chunk, rocks, pebbles, sand, water)
3.  Thank you notes/ Gratitude marketing  3 notes per day (15-30 minutes)
4.  Follow up/ clean out email.  (15-30 minutes)
5.  Website/Niche marketing.  Update your website or niche. (10 min.) Share with social media sites.
6.  Visit social media sites (Linked in/ Facebook/Google +)
     Make a professional comment.  Like some other professional pieces.  Share some professional     things.
  This needs to be done 2-3 times per day.  15-30 minutes.
7.  IOV/Database outreach.  Call one person to catch up.  (5 minutes)
8.  Call your active clients to update.
9.   Be of service (10 min). (may  not be done daily, but you need to be reaching out)
10.  Personal development: Read/ updates Inman or Huff, (15 minutes)
11.  Learn something new on your iPad, practice, update (15 min)
12.  Exercise and eat well. (30 minutes)