The way the world communicates have changed~ have you?

twitter  54% says buy brands they follow
51% on facebook
geek site  kiss metrics
if not in social media streams, you just don’t exist for anyone
websites are not going to start search
there are more people in the world with cell phones than tooth brushes
what will they be using device for
64% is video
mobile web 21%
.4% voice calls
how do you market business in a world where people won’t answer their phones
better voicemail app
average email user receives 147 messages aday, spend more than 2 1/2 hrs on email
best time to send 1-3
we delete 71 of tose 147 in under 5 min
put your gmail acct in, and will unroll you.
awayfind apps  set up selective push alert based on sender or subject
google over 3 bil google searcheds are done in a day
amwering 34000 questions per second
how many answers does my website answer. to be relevant to google, answer those questions organically
instagram the future of photos
posta gram  sends a post card through instagram
“we know your home didn’t sell, but with our marketing….”
expired marketing campaign using direct mail tied to social media app
500 or more friends on facebook 100k, 33% 34k
“agent of tomorrow”
currnetly own an ipad75% top agents own
pasty client/referrals
website~ would you hire yourself
social media presence
how do we integrate old with new
in 2001 69% used realtor
in 2012 90% use one today