Who is so busy they can’t imagine how they are going to fit a Prelicensing or Broker course into their schedule?

That’s what happened to our course when the In Class hours were bumped up to 40 hours. It was very difficult to create a course with times that all the students could make it those 40 hours.

We wanted success, and we want to help. We created our course to have multiple learning modules available by iPad (which you are issued when you enroll for the course), and then we run our 40 hour in class sessions as workshops. We work on the items that you have questions or need in class attention.

(Think…math, Massachusetts Law, etc!)

  We have found this to be quite effective for a few reasons: YOU make your hours…around your schedule. YOU get the help you need. YOU learn how to use technology right from the beginning!  WE all have a great time learining!

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Kate Lanagan MacGregor of Bold REALTORS

Kate Lanagan MacGregor