Why Blog?

Blogging is the most effective way increase your presence on Google (and others) Search. By blogging, then sharing your blogs with face book fan page, twitter and linked in, you will increase the number of ‘bots’ Google picks up for you.
AND: It’s free!
Go to website and sign in with your wordpress name and password.
Go to dashboard.
Click on “add new post”
Title it right away. Something keyword rich and catchy!
Original or Commentary?
Write something original about your town, your business, or whatever. If you want to borrow a great idea from another site, that is called a commentary blog.
First we will talk original!
Snappy Headline to Grab them!
Write key word rich (especially first group of words). Make it about 200-500 characters (2 or 3 Paragraphs)
Need ideas?
Visit other blogs, local papers, school happenings.

Add picture (To the right of where it says Upload/Insert) make it small and select left for placement.
Upload picture. Sign it with your name and strategic disctinction motto.
Update, add tags and categories (blog roll). Your name should be a tag or category, as should “BOLD MOVeS REAL ESTATE”.
Publish! Blue side button.
Right Click on view post and make sure you like it.
Share with your facebook fan page, linked in, twitter, etc. Share button
Listings Blog
Headline is address, with price.
Click on green tree icon. Put in mls number.
Add tags and categories (listings, your name, the address of the listing, bold moves real estate, town real estate, etc) PUBLISH
Check it, then share button.
Writer’s Block? “Commentary Blog technique
Commentary posts position you as an ‘authority’ to your target niche and are fast and easy to publish keyword rich blog posts.
Fresh, relevant and unique content stimulates interaction activity amongst visitors.
Places to search~YouTube
www.youtube.com. Search keyword phrase that serves niche. Copy and past you tube vidio url in “add new post” section.(You get this url by clicking ‘share’ under you tube video) Copy and then paste the address in your blog page.
Add a “v” after the “p” to make video posts eady with smart you tube plug in.
Put a little comment and call to action.
Tag, category and publish.
Ezinearticles.com. Search keyword phrase that serves niche and find relevant article for ‘commentary’ post.
Copy and past article, then add your 2-3 paragraph commentary. Put your call to action.